Network Status

This page shows the live network status of my network. Any current issues or planned outages I know about are Tweeted by the linked accounts.

Current Status

As planned when I created this site, I have added functionality to this page that shows the live status of my systems.

The status labels are automatically updated every 65 seconds.

This new functionality is still a work in progress.

There is with your browser, your connection, or my site.

My Web servers are .

My mail servers are .

My XMPP (instant messaging) server is .

My phone system is .

  • Incoming Calls:
  • Outgoing Calls:
  • Mobile Network:
  • DECT Basestation:
  • Desk Phone:

Twitter Feeds

Planned outages are posted to Twitter. Unplanned outages are usually posted to Twitter as well while I am working on resolving them.

Issues related to the Net-facing network are Tweeted by .

Issues related to the internal network are Tweeted by .